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General Information

Doheny State Beach is a California state park located in the city of Dana Point, where Highway 1 and Interstate 5 meet deep inside Orange County. The campground is unique, as it is one of the only "true" beach front campgrounds in Southern California. Unlike Bolsa Chica or Silver Strand, the Doheny campground is not a just a parking lot lined with RV's and travel trailers, it's a full campground suitable for all kinds of camping.


Campsite Spedifics

The Doheny State Beach campground has two major features, the beach itself, and the park area. The state makes looking for a beach-front site pretty easy, those sites all cost $65 a night.

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A word of warning for tent campers on the sand, It is not uncommon for the beachfront sites on the east of the campground to flood in extreme weather conditions at high tide. So it may be best go avoid sites 75-92 if you are planning on pitching a tent on the sand.

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If you are camping with small children a beachfront site can someties be a bit nerve wracking. Doheny has got a great alternative, the west side of the campground forms a ring around a small grassy area perfect for kids to play under easy supervision.

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